Do this for a Safe, Cost-effective, and Productive AWS Cloud Migration

Do this for a Safe, Cost-effective, and Productive AWS Cloud Migration

With Gartner ranking AWS as a leader in cloud infrastructure and platform services for the eleventh consecutive year in their Gartner Magic Quadrant, there is little doubt that migrating to AWS cloud offers a host of diverse benefits — from significant cost savings to enhanced resilience, productivity and business agility. As partners to the big three, i.e. Azure, GCP and AWS partners, and as members of the select AWS Advanced Partner program, Teleglobal is well positioned to support your cloud journey at every stage from migration — be it from an on-premises or hosting facility to any other public cloud — to AWS cloud.

While AWS provides a truly comprehensive list of tools and services to help you transition to and optimize your cloud environment, its vast ecosystem can be complex by virtue of its many innovative solutions themselves. Teleglobal can help you accelerate your transformation by creating the ideal journey map and guiding you through, and beyond, your migration.

Well begun is half done!

Successful migration begins with a thorough road map. As certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partners, we take a step by step approach starting with…

Requirement assessment

The first, and all-important, step in your journey is to assess your organizational needs, and your cloud readiness. This also helps us identify any existing gaps in your systems/operations that ought to be addressed.

Our proven assessment methodology, allows us to:

  • Identify areas that can help reduce cost of ownership by up to 40%
  • Understand which of your apps are cloud-ready
  • Help get the rest of your applications cloud ready
  • Architect your cloud so it answers your needs and helps you achieve your business objectives

The Teleglobal Assessment Process

Our assessment comprises a three-stage process, as explained below:


We begin by collecting data — using automated tools — to help analyses your business and how the cloud can transform it. Our data collection tools also gather information about your existing infrastructure and network.


The Discovery stage is followed by Evaluation, to determine ideal scenarios for your migration from your existing infrastructure.


Once the data collection and analyses (of every element of your infrastructure) are complete, we are able to assign infra components and your local apps to suitable cloud components. This helps in building a detailed road map that identifies and prioritizes cloud migration of various workloads, databases and applications.

On completion of these three steps, your infrastructure is ready for seamless migration to the cloud.

Benefits of Teleglobal Cloud Assessment and Journey Map

  • Improved productivity
  • Cost savings
  • Risk management

While the cloud harbours several risk factors, by identifying potential problem spots and utilizing automation and standardization to add security layers, these risks — including the chances of human error — can be addressed or eliminated.

Teleglobal is not just a Certified AWS Managed Services Partner, but also partner to Azure. Having been working with businesses in multifarious industry sectors, we have hands-on experience to complement our expertise in creating cloud solutions and managing cloud infrastructure, optimally and cost-effectively.

As a certified AWS Managed Services Partner, and member of AWS’s Advancer Partner program, we can help you in the following ways:

  • Round the clock Cloud Support, with 99.9 % availability
  • Disaster Recovery support
  • Monitoring for Anomalies, Intrusions & Traffic Flow, in real time
  • Automating of process such as: backup, recovery, and container management
  • Management of detailed practices, as identified in the Information Technology Information Library (ITIL), with a focus on aligning practices to the needs of the organization
  • Regular Audits to ensure adherence to best practices on Security, Compliances, Performance, etc.


Migration to AWS cloud is no longer a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’. And through our established and proven process you can achieve your cloud aspirations, quickly, painlessly, and cost-effectively.

Ready to start your cloud journey?

Teleglobal International customized Cloud computing solutions for business flexibility and increases productivity which ultimately leads to higher revenues.

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Teleglobal International

Teleglobal International

Teleglobal International customized Cloud computing solutions for business flexibility and increases productivity which ultimately leads to higher revenues.

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