Do this for a Safe, Cost-effective, and Productive AWS Cloud Migration

With Gartner ranking AWS as a leader in cloud infrastructure and platform services for the eleventh consecutive year in their Gartner Magic Quadrant, there is little doubt that migrating to AWS cloud offers a host of diverse benefits — from significant cost savings to enhanced resilience, productivity and business agility…

Monolithic and microservices architectures

The speed with which the microservice architecture has become popular is not surprising, given its many advantages in terms of better scalability, flexibility and agility. Several mammoth tech leaders — Netflix, Google and Amazon, among them — have already moved from a traditional monolithic architecture to micro services. But there…


Managing IT infrastructure in a traditional set up is expensive, laborious, and effort-intensive. It calls for constant monitoring, upgrades, engaging resources to meet changing technical expertise, meeting security compliances, etc.

So, the speed with which Serverless technology has been adopted is hardly surprising. It enables organizations to escape the hassle…

Teleglobal International

Teleglobal International customized Cloud computing solutions for business flexibility and increases productivity which ultimately leads to higher revenues.

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